One of the reasons of slow web-page loading is jQuery selectors being used inefficiently.

We made a small benchmark to figure out which selector is more effective. We compared 3 selectors:

  • by name: input[name=input1];
  • by classname: .input1;
  • by ID: #input1.

Below you can see and run the benchmark youself (

or download it from GitHub:

The results are:

  • the slowest selector is “By Name”
  • selector “By Class” is faster by 45%-50% than “By Name”
  • the fastest selector is “By ID”. It’s faster by 70%-75% than “By Class” and by 82%-87% than “By Name”.

Note: results in your browser may be different because vary on different devices.

Therefore, ID selectors should be used where it’s possible to avoid inefficient element selection.

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