Headless commerce

What does headless commerce mean, indeed? Headless commerce separates the front-end layer (presentation, customer-facing) from the back-end layer (functionality). This architecture offers brands freedom of expression to build whatever they want. Most importantly, it enables brands to improve user experience. Traditional commerce A traditional approach to complex software design involves a single system based on… Continue reading Headless commerce

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The difference between XML and HTML sitemap

Sitemaps are one of the main elements that can help make your site easy to analyze, index, and identify in search engines. Search engines will read the sitemap to identify new pages, determine how frequently they are updated, and rank them based on the validity of the information they contain. However, when creating a sitemap,… Continue reading The difference between XML and HTML sitemap

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What is Lazy Loading in Magento 2?

​​We all know how frustrating it is when a particular website takes a long time to load fully. Most of the time, this lag is caused by loading images on the website. Let’s look at Lazy Loading, one of the technologies for speed optimization. The option is easy to use and can change the website speed.

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